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Hospital Corridor



Align Laboratories has served the medical community for more than 70 years and continues to offer the highest quality laboratory services dedicated to the individual needs of hospitals, practitioners, and their patients across the Southwest. As one of the nation’s largest reference laboratory providers and healthcare informatics companies, Align Laboratories leads the industry in diagnostic laboratory testing, delivering unparalleled expertise in clinical, anatomic pathology and esoteric disciplines. Our elite team of board-certified, fellowship-trained pathologists provide the most comprehensive laboratory services available delivering diagnostic results to thousands of patients, physicians, and facilities daily.

The mission of Align Laboratories Hospital and Health Systems program is to improve the overall health of communities by delivering the highest quality diagnostic insights coupled with technology-enabled solutions to best assist providers in making treatment decisions for their patients.

Every community is unique, let Align Laboratories work with you to customize, design, and deliver value solutions that fit your specific system needs.

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