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About Align Laboratories 

Align Laboratories is a full-service independent laboratory company headquartered in Metairie, Louisiana centered around patient focused care. Our goal is to provide quality laboratory services at affordable costs, specializing in the following:

  • Urine and Oral Fluid Toxicology – Drug Screening and Confirmation testing

  • Molecular Genetics – Pharmacogenetics, Infectious & Inherited Disease testing, Covid-19 testing, Respiratory, Gastro and Wound and Fungal testing.

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) – Cancer Genetics, Diabetes/Obesity testing, Parkinson's/Alzheimer's/Dementia testing, Cardio Myopathy Testing, Liquid/Solid Tumor testing.

We provide accurate laboratory solutions for a broad range of customers, including managed care organizations, physicians and other healthcare providers, hospitals and health systems, employers, patients, and consumers. Our experienced group of professionals are devoted to meticulous laboratory standards utilizing state of the art equipment, we strive to provide the best!


We look for forward to serving your laboratory needs! 

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